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For enterprises who want to harness the optimization and productivity benefits of AI & AR, Rokid Glass provides a wearable personal AI - an intelligent digital assistant capable of responding to complex commands and even pre-empting needs.
Rokid Glass provides the truest and most compelling vision of what a digital assistant can be.

Light weight

Light weight and comfortable

Rokid Glass



Created with Sketch. 40g

Ski goggles

Created with Sketch. 160g

Head-wearing AR glasses

Created with Sketch. 500g
Designed for active use Designed for active use with lasting battery
  • HD OLED Display

    MicroOLED, high resolution.

  • Corrective lenses

    Popped in or out, for Rokid Glass users with vision imbalances.


Rokid glass ships with Glass SDK, Rokid’s full suite of customizable voice and vision development kits optimized for both local and cloud-based computing.


Hardware Specs

  • System

    Android 7.1
  • Weight

  • Battery

    5 - 6 hour active use
  • Camera

    View Angle: 78.1±3°


  • Audio

    2 microphones

    Stereo earphones

  • CPU

    Qualcomm APQ835

    RAM: 4GB

  • Optics

    Monocular display

    33 degrees FoV

    Resolution: 1280x960

    60 fps refresh rate

  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth 4.0



  • Sensor

    RGB Camera: 13MP

    IMU: 9 Axis; 6 DoF

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