Rokid Glass

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Industry’s most crafted AI artistry designed
to empower your vision

large view

30°+ field of view enables magnificent experience

super lite

Less than 130g weight gives the ultimate comfort

all in one

No wire, no phone needed. All local power & computing

"CES 2018's Best Gadgets"

“Rokid Glass offers a glimpse at the future"

“CES 2018: The Best 10 Devices”

Lightweight elegance

Feather Light

Designed to be user-friendly, Rokid Glass manifests both elegance and comfort. Resembling fashion-forward sunglasses, its streamlined body weighs just 130g.

AR Headset
Rokid Glass
HD Display in Large FOV

A New World in Sight

Featuring a photorealistic vivid display enabled by micro OLED and an incredible optical engine, Rokid Glass overlays fantasy on reality.


Voice Assistant

Fully developed in-house, Rokid’s voice recognition system supports voice controls, while capacitating secured voice print and personalized voice profiles.

Know the people you see

Face Recognition

With an embedded facial recognition technology, Rokid Glass updates you about old friends in a split second, avoiding any awkward silences.

Augmented product information

Object Recognition

With computer vision technology developed by Rokid, Rokid Glass recognizes products and displays rich information aside for an unique shopping experience.

Rokid Glass

A New World Revealed

Industry’s most crafted AI artistry designed
to empower your vision


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